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Indy Influencers

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Who We Are

Indy Influencers is a group of independent bloggers, podcasters, PR personnel, social media personalities, and other key figures across the nation. We focus on implementing hyperlocal influencer campaigns and are headed up by Susan Baroncini-Moe, business coach and marketing consultant and CEO of Business in Blue Jeans. While our organization started in Indianapolis, we’re well-equipped to work in any location across the nation, so if you’re looking to build a hyper-local marketing campaign using the power of big-mouthed folks in that area, let us know and we’ll dig into our database.

Our database of Influencers includes hyperlocal social media personalities, influencers and bloggers who write about any of the following topics:

  • Business and Marketing
  • Indianapolis Living
  • Home/Lifestyle (food, DIY, frugal living, beauty/fashion, health/fitness)
  • Family (mommy and daddy bloggers, parenting, children with special needs)
  • Creative (photography, craft, writing)
  • Personal (dating and relationships, life perspective)

What We Do

The Indy Influencers work together to create brilliant marketing campaigns and to amplify the presence of your event, product, or business. Often, we’ll dig into our database and find the right collection of influencers who can talk up your product launch, whether through blog posts or social media. Sometimes you might be able to bring our group in to your event or business to amplify your visibility through our collective visibility, social media presence, and yes, our big mouths.But it’s often more.

For example, when you work with our group, we’ll do more than just blog and tweet about you…we’ll tell everyone we know. Our group includes bloggers, certainly, but also the “movers and shakers” in town who have a voice that they’re willing to use to spread the word about you and your business or event.

Our mission is to amplify—to spread the word about your business or your event—through every medium at our disposal. And because our group is varied in terms of how we get the word out and the possibilities of how we can connect you to other brands is so varied, you’ll get amplification on a multitude of levels.

How We Work

Got an event coming up, or just want more people flowing into your business? Have a product launch?

Just complete the easy form below and we’ll contact you back within a few days to discuss who you want to reach, what you’re looking to promote, and how you want to promote it.

Then we go to work, combing through our database of Indy Influencers, focusing on finding exactly the right blend of bloggers, social media personalities, and our movers and shakers in town to reach a large number of your target market at one time, to bring them in all at once or in a steady stream, to magnify awareness and visibility for your campaign.

Indy Influencers Request Form

Want to be an Indy Influencer? Join here!

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