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Digital Marketing and SEO Services

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Business in Blue Jeans offers a full suite of done-for-you services to help you grow your business. Supervised by Susan Baroncini-Moe, our team of specialists has been tested at the highest of standards—no one works on client projects until they’ve completed a project for Business in Blue Jeans first.

  • Working With Us

    When you work with us, your Client Interface Coordinator will handle your timeline, budget, and communication. You’ll never have to learn “techno-speak,” lose momentum when a team member gets sick, or worry about a project not coming in on time!

    We’re experts in digital marketing. The one thing we know better than anything else is how to leverage the tools of the web to grow your business. We’ll analyze your business and find the right tools to help you achieve your goals.

    We bring a fresh perspective. Businesses often get bogged down in the status quo. But we’ll look at your marketing with a fresh set of eyes. We’ll see things you don’t see and show you new things you haven’t yet tried.

    We know best practices across the board. We serve multiple clients in single industries and clients facing similar problems in different sectors, allowing us to recognize common attributes of effective solutions so we can help you more!

    We’re constantly learning. We need to know what’s on the cutting edge so that we can advise our clients on whether each new “trendy” tool and platform makes sense for your business. That’s why we’re frequently found in the training room ourselves.

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Services we offer:

  • Online Presence Management

    Have you ever wondered how some businesses keep up with it all? Do you get frustrated by how many profiles you have to manage online? Do you even know how to locate all of the sites where your business is being reviewed? If not, your business could be in trouble.

    Directory and review listing sites across the internet (including Facebook) create and pre-populate listings for your business without your permission, using existing geolocation and aggregator data. Your business has these listings whether you like them or not, and the information is often inaccurate or out of date. And search engines rely more and more on finding consistencies in these listings, which means they heavily impact your search engine optimization. If you’re not manage your listings properly, you’re hurting your business.

    Unfortunately, the number of listing and review sites is growing, and managing the ever-expanding list is a challenge for any business. And msot businesses don’t do it on their own. Over 62% of businesses outsource their digital marketing services because these days, it’s simply too much for most businesses to handle.

    Our team of experts can help you manage your online listings, track online reviews, and manage your online reputation—something that’s becoming increasingly important today, as more and more consumers are turning to the web to decide who to hire and where to shop!


  • Social Media Management

    Did you know that social media is one of the most important strategies for growing your business today? With over 1.4 billion users just on Facebook alone, it’s flat-out silly not to be using social media to grow traffic to your web site and increase visibility for your business.

    As specialists in social media, we’re well-equipped to build community and expand engagement with your audience. Our team will build out your social media sites, making use of the latest technology and the most effective tools. Then, we’ll start building your tribe that will convert into more customers and clients for your business.


  • Design & Development Services

    Every business needs visual branding—what many in the biz call “corporate identity.” But corporate identity is far more complex than just creating a decent logo. Creating the visual branding for your business (whether you’re rebranding or just starting out) requires careful consideration with respect to your target market, the mission and voice of your company, and a lot more.

    You’ll work directly with Susan Baroncini-Moe to translate your vision into a comprehensive visual brand. Our team will translate that brand into your logo, web site, social media platforms, and printed marketing collateral as needed.

    My firm recently needed the assistance of expert web site conversion team.  We retained the Business in Blue Jeans experts and were very impressed with their patience, high attention to detail, strong customer service focus, and expertise when it comes to the business of technology.  In this case, we could not have been more pleased with the speed at which our project was executed. Additionally, the training component of their offering is inestimable.  As a business owner, I have learned the value of hiring qualified experts to do the work we are not equipped to do!

    Shelli Herman, President and Founder
    Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc.

    I had the opportunity to work with Business in Blue Jeans on our company’s website. Susan and her team were extremely professional. Further, all tasks were done promptly and Susan made herself available for any questions or concerns. Working with Business in Blue Jeans was a very pleasant experience and I highly recommend utilizing their tremendous skill set.

    Gina Ventola
    Practice Manager
    Law Office of Samuel Ventola


  • Full Marketing Plan Implementation

    Did you ever wish that someone else would do your marketing for you? We have a team that can do it all!!!

    Specifically, we’ve build a team of high-caliber professionals to handle your marketing needs so that you get more business coming through your door so that you can focus on doing what you do best!

    Regardless of your marketing needs, our team can implement your marketing plans. We’ll manage your content marketing strategy (blog, white papers, social media, ebooks, infographics, video, case studies, how-to guides, and social media, etc.) and your mobile marketing. We can handle your email marketing, as well as direct marketing via snail mail and any other marketing services you require. Name it and we’ll do it.


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