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Digital Marketing Consulting and Training

Susan Baroncini-Moe

Susan Baroncini-Moe


Recently named one of Online Marketing Institutes’s Top 40 Digital Marketers of the Year, Susan Baroncini-Moe has assembled a team that knows digital marketing inside out.

From the subtle dynamics of social media to effective content marketing (including blogs, podcasting, email marketing, video marketing, white papers, and more) to what a web site needs to be truly effective to how to combine digital marketing with “old school” direct marketing, Susan will help you design marketing campaigns that are both more human and more effective.

“Susan’s creativity and experience gave me great new ideas for promotion and helped me avoid the time-wasters. She has a rare combination of solid grounding in traditional PR and thorough knowledge of the new world of influencer relations.”

– Paul Gillin, Speaker, B2B social media marketing strategist, and author of five books about online communities.

Bring us in via teleconference to consult on a limited or ongoing basis or fly us in to work directly with your team. We’ll brainstorm new ideas and focus on tying in cutting edge strategies with business fundamentals to effectively reach and engage with your target market with your digital marketing strategy.

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A polished speaker with the capacity to translate technological language into what she calls “Normal Person Talk,” Susan Baroncini-Moe cut her teeth teaching web design and development courses at The University of Iowa when “the internet was new.” Her training in instructional design also means that she designs her workshops, courses, and training programs to truly educate, so that your team not only understands digital marketing, but knows how to choose the right strategies for your brand so that you realize the highest ROI.

Whether you have a team of hundreds, a team of ten, or a team of one, we’ll keep your staff engaged in the learning process so they can connect more effectively with prospects and customers in the digital world.

Training may be conducted via webinar or in-person workshops in half-day, full day, or two day sessions.

Training Topics:

  • Content Marketing Overview (as well as subject-specific training on blogs, video marketing, storytelling, and more)
  • Social Media Marketing Overview (as well as platform-specific training on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+)
  • Digital Marketing Measurement and Reporting

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