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Analytics Referrer Spam Traffic Cleanup Service + Monthly

By now I hope you’ve read my blog post about referrer spam traffic and how it can be annoying and dangerous, with any of the following possible consequences:

  • muddy market intelligence about what content is actually bringing in business,
  • inability to make smart marketing and advertising decisions,
  • phishing of emails on your site,
  • scraping of your web data,
  • deploying malware on your site,
  • and literally taking down your site overnight.

After all that, you probably want to know how to get rid of spam traffic. Recently a few of our clients began to experience referrer spam problems and needed help, so we searched out experts who were trained to assist with this kind of problem. We’re now offering you their services at a discounted rate.

Referrer spam is a problem that needs addressing not just once, but on a continuous basis. That’s why the service we’ve set up includes a one-time setup and then monthly maintenance. Without the initial service, you can’t do the monthly maintenance. And without monthly maintenance, your referrer spam will keep coming back. 

Choose from these options to address your spam traffic problems:

Small Business Monthly Plan
Small Business, Under 5,000 Visits/Month; $20/month with $200 setup fee
One-time comprehensive referrer spam cleanup
Weekly analytics maintenance
Full reporting
Appropriate for sites with under 5,000 visits/month
One-time payment, plus monthly payment
Ideal for businesses on a budget
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Medium-Sized Business Plan
Annual Plan
For businesses with 5,000-25,000 visits/month; $949 first year, then $569/year
One-time comprehensive referrer spam cleanup
Weekly analytics maintenance
Full reporting
For businesses with 5,000-25,000 visits/month
Save $51 in first year, then $31/year after
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Enterprise options available. Contact us for details.

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