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Analytics Referrer Spam Traffic Cleanup Service + Monthly

By now I hope you’ve read my blog post about¬†referrer spam traffic and how it can be annoying¬†and dangerous, with any of the following possible consequences:

  • muddy market intelligence about what content is actually bringing in business,
  • inability to make smart marketing and advertising decisions,
  • phishing of emails on your site,
  • scraping of your web data,
  • deploying malware on your site,
  • and literally taking down your site overnight.

After all that,¬†you probably want¬†to know how to get rid of spam traffic. Recently a few¬†of our clients began to experience referrer spam problems and needed help,¬†so we searched out experts who were trained to assist with this kind of problem. We’re now offering you their services at a discounted rate.

Referrer spam is a problem that needs addressing not just once, but on a continuous basis. That’s why the service we’ve set up includes a one-time setup and then monthly maintenance. Without the¬†initial service, you can’t do the monthly maintenance. And without monthly maintenance,¬†your referrer spam will keep coming back.¬†

Choose from these options to address your spam traffic problems:

Small Business Monthly Plan
Small Business, Under 5,000 Visits/Month; $20/month with $200 setup fee
One-time comprehensive referrer spam cleanup
Weekly analytics maintenance
Full reporting
Appropriate for sites with under 5,000 visits/month
One-time payment, plus monthly payment
Ideal for businesses on a budget
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Medium-Sized Business Plan
Annual Plan
For businesses with 5,000-25,000 visits/month; $949 first year, then $569/year
One-time comprehensive referrer spam cleanup
Weekly analytics maintenance
Full reporting
For businesses with 5,000-25,000 visits/month
Save $51 in first year, then $31/year after
Buy Now

Enterprise options available. Contact us for details.

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