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Sponsored Post: 5 Ways Business Owners and Office Managers Can Be More Efficient

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by As a small business owner, I wear many hats, including executive and entrepreneurial coach, video podcast host, plus bookkeeper, marketer, copywriter, vendor liaison, advertising and publicity director, and office manager, among others.
Inspirational email

Guest Post: I Started Sending My Team a Weekly Inspirational Email. Something Extraordinary Happened, by Robert Glazer

A few years ago I began the habit of getting up earlier and writing in my journal, taking the time to be reflective, appreciative, and grateful. I went over my goals each morning and my values. I devoted time to reading stories and quotations that inspired me. Finding, reading, and jo
when disaster strikes

Guest Post: When Disaster Strikes, Here are 5 Things to Help You Through by Marianne Clyde

? Earthquake in Mexico, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, Jose, shootings, and violent protests:  Some disasters are predictable and some are not. Either way, the results can be potentially devastating in many ways. Some disasters are public and some are very personal such as the death
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Guest Post: Five Steps to Fix a Toxic Team, by Abby Curnow-Chavez

In the world of business it’s safe to say all work is done in teams. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you most of the teams they’ve been on are average or mediocre, or good but not great. And sadly, many can tell you in dreaded detail about the toxic teams they’ve been on where gossip, sab

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