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Finish the Year Before It Starts!

19407602_s(Note – I’m running a live training only webinar on Thursday the 12th of December to help you have the best year you have ever had in 2014)

Click here to register for the 12 PM EST session
Click here to register for the 7 PM EST session

It wasn’t that many years ago that I had a business that was okay, but not great.

It seemed that one year rolled into the next. I made enough each year to cover my expenses, but I always went into Christmas contemplating, “What did I really achieve this past year?” I never felt fully satisfied that I operated at my best.

However, a mentor at the time helped me understand a profound “universal law” known as the law of control. The law of control states:

“You feel happy to the level at which you have control in all areas of your life, and you feel unhappy when you are not in control of the areas of your life.”

22961043_sAt the time I learned this, I felt I didn’t have complete control of my business. Back then, I kind of “winged it” a lot. Often, I’d decide to do things randomly, week by week, without any real planning or forethought into the medium-to-long term.

Because I didn’t have control in my business, it was also having a BIG effect on other areas of my life. I wasn’t exercising as much as I could’ve been. I wasn’t spending as much time with family and friends because I was so focused on trying to make my business work – and yes, I could also see that I’d lost control of pretty much all areas of my life.

My mentor helped me learn that in order to have an incredible year, we need to first develop an incredible plan.

Register here for the 12 PM EST session
Register here for the 7 PM EST session

Since applying this plan, I’ve gone…

FROM: Chaos
TO: Control

FROM: Struggling to keep on top of things and feeling completely out of balance
TO: Being completely balanced and feeling really happy with life.

FROM: Feeling really frustrated and dissatisfied and working on low value ‘stuff’
TO: Feeling motivated, relaxed, and working only on high value activities.

I was able to achieve this shift because I learned how to “finish my year before it started.” This made all the difference to me and it can to you as well. I guarantee it!

The live training I’m teaching is called

“Finish the Year Before It Starts:
The 5 Fundamental Shifts That Will Guarantee
2014 Will Be the Best Year You Have Ever Had”

Click here to register for the 12 PM EST session
Click here to register for the 7 PM EST session

On this live training, you’ll discover:

  • The number one place you should start when it comes to planning (HINT: It has nothing to do with business planning)
  • The 3 shifts that separate the top 5% of all entrepreneurs and how you can plan to implement them into your 2014 calendar year
  • 3 real life case studies of how 3 of my clients have used this planning method to go from struggling or stuck to massive growth in their businesses within 1 year.
  • How to ensure your motivation holds for the entire year, and it’s not just like setting some New Year’s Resolutions that rarely last past February AND
  • The number on way to finally get leverage in your business


My business and, more importantly, my life, completely turned round with this information.

Now it’s your turn.

Come along and make 2014 the best year of your life.

Register here for the 12 PM EST session
Register here for the 7 PM EST session

Register now, because there are only 100 seats and they’re already filling up!

See you there!




Susan Baroncini-Moe

About Susan Baroncini-Moe

Susan Baroncini-Moe is the author of Business in Blue Jeans: How to Have a Successful Business on Your Own Terms, in Your Own Style, an entrepreneurial and executive coach and business and marketing strategist, and a Guinness World Records® titleholder. She regularly speaks to audiences of all sizes and has shared the stage with business giants like Michael E. Gerber, David Meerman Scott, Bob Burg, Larry Winget, and Chris Brogan, among others. She and her businesses have been featured in Redbook Magazine, USA Today, MSN Living, Investor’s Business Daily, Yahoo Finance, and American Express Open Forum.

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