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Sponsored Blog Post/Podcast Advertising Request Form


Business in Blue Jeans does not accept advertising on its web site. However, we do accept advertising for our CEO’s YouTube show and podcast, 2Questions.TV. Please refer to that site for details.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Business in Blue Jeans accepts a limited number of sponsored blog posts. Blog posts must be relevant to our readership of business owners and entrepreneurs, and must also be well-written and provide useful, accurate information. Further, they may not be salesy or overly-promotive. Posts promoting companies and products may include a limited number of contextual links, at our discretion.

Please review our statistics Rate Card and then complete the form below:

Core Audience:

58.7% Female; 41.3% Male
26.47% Age 25-34; 20.42% Age 35-44; 23.73% Age 45-54
20% Household Income 100K+, 25% Household Income 56K-99.9K
49% Have Higher Education
69.7% Caucasian
Interests: predominantly technophiles, movie lovers, TV lovers, shutterbugs, news junkies. Also enjoy arts, celebrities, & entertainment, food & drink, cooking & recipes, real estate, travel.
Geographics: 84.29% US-based, English-speaking.

Business in Blue Jeans has a solid and rapidly growing online presence featuring:

  • 94,000 social media fans and followers.
  • 2.5 million impressions/views across social platforms per month.

<i>Please note: Traffic and email newsletter statistics may be shared privately.</i>

Sponsored Blog Post/Advertising Request

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