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Quickstart to Kickstarter – Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns Masterclass

Are you looking for funding for your expansion
or your newest, biggest idea?
Looking to hop on the crowdfunding craze
but not sure where to start?

This is the training for you!

Quick and Easy Crowdfunding with Kickstarter

These days, getting the funding to start or grow a business is hard. Banks turn down over 60% of business loan applications, and it takes them less than four minutes to do so, on average.

That’s right, all your dreams, all your ideas, the thought that you could make a difference and have a better life…tossed in the reject pile with barely a single thought.

Venture capital isn’t much better…in the course of a year, just a few hundred businesses receive venture capital…to the tune of less than 1% of businesses started each year!

And as for angel investors? Well, most of the businesses that get angel investors are already making money and there are so many charlatans out there making big promises, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Enter crowdfunding.


Yay for the American Dream and Crowdfunding!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the American Dream and that I believe that entrepreneurship and small business makes the American Dream possible for just about anyone.

And the blessing of crowdfunding is that it makes entrepreneurship and small business open to even more people!!!

Suddenly, it doesn’t really matter “who you know” or “where you come from.” Now¬†anyone¬†with a good idea can get the funding that he or she needs from the community.

No more cranky bankers in stuffy suits!

But there are vital things that you need to know to have a successful crowdfunding campaign.¬†You simply¬†can’t¬†just hop onto one of the crowdfunding platforms and think you’ll generate a ton of cash in a few days’ time. It takes more strategy than that.

Only 35-40% of Crowdfunding Campaigns
Are Successful in Meeting Their Goals.

While the odds are¬†way more in your favor than if you seek out investors or a business loan, the¬†chances that your crowdfunding campaign will be successful are actually pretty low…and that’s because¬†there are challenges in crowdfunding that most people don’t even know about.

We hear success stories about crowdfunding all the time – because there¬†are those who are doing it right. But there are way more people who are doing it wrong and who are failing.¬†Don’t be one of them!!! Be a success from the start!

The fact is, crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have made crowdfunding such an appealing concept that everybody’s dying to get in on the fun. But in fact, the majority of crowdfunding campaigns barely even make 20% of their funding goals.¬†And with many of the crowdfunding platforms, if you don’t meet your goal, you get…nothing.

That’s why I decided¬†to dissect both successful and unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns and find out exactly what makes for a solid campaign. What makes one campaign succeed where another fails? What makes one person able to get enough people to contribute to their campaigns, while another can’t even get past the first $1,000?

In this 50-minute masterclass I’ll show you:

  • Exactly what you need to do¬†before you launch your project¬†to ensure its successful funding.
  • Specific campaigns that succeeded and failed and¬†why their outcomes were determined before they began.
  • The exact recipe that makes for a successful campaign and why every ingredient is important.
  • Tips¬†from successful crowdfunders that I interviewed.
  • Critical pieces of crowdfunding videos that many entrepreneurs miss, thus sabotaging their project.
  • Strategies for getting more people to find and invest in your project.
  • The best time to actually start your crowdfunding campaign (and when you should NOT do a campaign)


Join me, Susan Baroncini-Moe, author, bestselling author, Guinness World Records¬ģ titleholder, and business and digital marketing strategist for this masterclass and I’ll show you how to¬†create a successful crowdfunding campaign so you can get that business growing!


 Successful crowdfunding kickstarter


*Hey. You, there. What are you DOING? Why are you still reading? Take the masterclass right now, silly! You’ll get immediate delivery!


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