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Want To Be An Indy Influencer?

Indy Influencers is a group of independent bloggers, podcasters, PR personnel, social media personalities, marketing professions, and other key figures across the nation, headed up by Susan Baroncini-Moe, CEO of Business in Blue Jeans. While we started in Indianapolis, we have expanded to encompass influencers across the nation.

The goal of Indy Influencers is twofold: 1) to provide opportunities and an atmosphere of collaboration among marketers, public relations, and social media influencers and bloggers to create brilliant partnerships and marketing campaigns and 2) to create a formal group of “movers and shakers” in specific, hyperlocal areas who can work together to amplify the visibility and awareness of any event or business.

Want to be a part of the team? Complete the form below. And tell your friends and colleagues, too!

Got questions? Email us at help-at-businessinbluejeans-dot-com.

Indy Influencers Application

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