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Content Use Policy

Do we know our blog is awesome? Yes, we do! But just because it’s awesome doesn’t mean you can just rip off our articles and post ’em on your site. Want to know how mad we get when people rip off our content and understand why it’s wrong? See this blog post: Rules of Content: Copyright Infringement and Why It’s Wrong to Poach A Blog Post.

So here are our content use requirements, so you stay out of trouble, and we can avoid wasting time tracking you down and stop having to pay the lawyers.

1. Ask permission.

Want to use our content? Great! We love guest blog posts and appearances. But you have to ask first. So don’t be a jerk! Use the form at the bottom of this page, or our lawyers will probably send you an unpleasant letter that is very hard to understand but essentially comes down to, “Follow the rules or face terrible penalties and fines.” And our lawyers hate being ignored. Like, a lot.

2. Use the byline.

One thing that drives us nuts: when you can’t even take the time to create a user account for our author’s name and lazily posts, “By Susan Baroncini-Moe” in the text of the article, even though there’s a different author posted and linked to in the real byline. We hate that! Instead, use the proper byline.

3. Use the proper biography.

At the end of every article, we don’t want you to just link to the original article. We want you to tell people who we are. Therefore, you must include our author’s bio at the end of every article. Here’s the bio:

Susan Baroncini-Moe, author of Business in Blue Jeans: How to Have a Successful Business on Your Own Terms, in Your Own Style, is the CEO of Business in Blue Jeans, a digital marketing firm working with businesses to help them protect and manage their online reputations and gain market share through digital marketing strategies. Named one of The Top 40 Digital Marketing Experts for 2014 by Online Marketing Institute, Susan is a sought-after business and marketing strategist and executive coach. She regularly speaks to audiences of all sizes, and has shared the stage with business giants like Michael E. Gerber, David Meerman Scott, Chris Brogan, and many other business and marketing bestselling authors, celebrity entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Susan holds a Guinness World Records® title and she and her businesses have been featured in Redbook Magazine, USA Today, MSN Living, American Express Open Forum, Social Media Examiner, Investor’s Business Daily, and Yahoo Finance, as well as many other online and offline publications. You can find her at

4. Do not edit.

Very few people are allowed to edit our works. In fact, we have one editor. When you use our content, you may not edit the works or remove any links. You must use the content as it originally appears, whether on the web site or in a document. You must leave every word, every bit of punctuation, and every link intact.

5. Send us the link.

Once the content goes live, we will happily share it with our entire social media audience, which is not insubstantial, in case you hadn’t noticed. Yay for you! Free promotion! But you also have to send us the link so we can approve it. Sometimes people don’t follow the rules and edit or change titles, and that’s not cool. So you also have to agree to…

6. Remove the content if we ask you to.

If you don’t, again, see #1 about the scary lawyers.

We’re an awfully nice bunch of people, but we’ve had a lot of our content ripped off over the years, and the thing is, when you work hard on something, it really stinks to have someone just go, “Oh, that’s a great article!” and then post it on their site without permission. Even if you link to us, you’re still being a jerk if you don’t follow our simple requirements for sharing our content.

So please, don’t be a jerk. Here’s your form:

Content Use Request

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