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5 Reasons Your Performance Reviews Are Useless and How to Fix Them

Most companies conduct performance reviews so they can help employees perform better — and so the company has a meaningful metric upon which to base continued employment, promotions, and increases in compensation. The problem is that most reviews don’t actually deliver the key informa

RapidFire: Are You Productive…Or Just Busy?

Have you ever gotten to the end of a day (or a week) and thought, “Wow, I was really busy, but I feel like I got almost nothing done!” I hear this from clients every week, so I’m guessing that my larger readership experiences the “busy, but not productive”

The Business Consequences of Discrimination

This post contains some rare commentary related to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) recently passed in Indiana (similar to bills being passed and proposed in other states). Ordinarily, political content does not make its way into the Business in Blue Jeans Blog, however th

Take the Business in Blue Jeans 2015 Surveys and WIN!

It’s our annual SURVEY TIME! I hope you’re hearing a fanfare, because this year we’re giving away fabulous prizes for participation in our surveys! Take the Business in Blue Jeans 2015 Surveys and you could WIN: A  free 45-minute coaching or digital marketing consult