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The 15 Best Analytics Tools for Every Small Business

Someone recently asked me what my favorite analytics tools are, and I’m mortified to say that I struggled to come up with a fast and easy answer. With my clients, I tend to choose the right tool for the right job – the tool that might work for one business may not have the exact

Are You At Risk? 5 Steps to Protect Your Website and Your Business

If you’re a regular Business in Blue Jeans reader, then you may have noticed that our website has been up and down quite a few times in the last few months. I wanted to transparently explain what’s been going on and why, and also give you a few tips to protect your website

Referrer Spam Traffic – and What It’s Costing You (and you probably didn’t even know it!)

It’s exciting when your web site traffic gets a boost, isn’t it? And it’s especially thrilling when you realize the new traffic is coming from referrals – someone important has noticed your work and is sending you traffic! Yay! But then you get curious about wh

RapidFire: Business Email Etiquette – What You Don’t Know

Something’s been on my mind lately…it’s business email etiquette. Now, there are quite a few resources on email etiquette, and most are fairly simple: Be professional and courteous in business emails, Don’t send or forward inappropriate content, Make sure your

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