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Red flag of copyright infringement

Rules of Content: Copyright Infringement and Why It’s Wrong to Poach A Blog Post

Recently I noticed that my blog posts were being re-posted on another company’s web site. I have agreements with certain companies that are permitted to syndicate or post my content, but this company was not one of them. This kind of copyright infringement isn’t entirely u
Susan Baroncini-Moe at WTHR

If You Want To Improve Your Public Speaking, Study These Three People

As a professional speaker, I am often on the lookout for great speakers from whom I can learn. Recently I realized that there are three groups of people who constantly amaze and inspire me when it comes to improving your public speaking. You may find them surprising. Pastors If you wa
Why You Will and Won't Be Picking My Brain As A Business Coach and Digital Marketing Consultant

Why You Won’t Be “Picking My Brain” As A Business Coach and Digital Marketing Strategist

Everyone knows the adage about doctors getting asked about someone’s weird mole at a party. It’s commonplace, although doctors have found a simple way around it: “I’d be happy to see you in the office,” is typically the most appropriate response. As a bus

Business in Blue Jeans Radio, Episode 13: On Employee Engagement and Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

In this episode of Business in Blue Jeans Radio, I took a different format so I could interview Ben Kirshner, CEO of EliteSEM. I wrote about Elite SEM in my book, Business in Blue Jeans, as an example of how companies are really getting employee engagement right, by recruiting and ret