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Guest Post: 3 Reasons Your Business Should Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

This post contains a sponsored link from It’s time to get serious about a mobile-friendly website for your small businesses. Let’s face it: Millennials were raised on technology. And some of those Millennials actually have kids now – kids they’re raisi

Guest Post: How to Write a Sales Plan in 4 Steps

This post is written by guest author, Jeremy Marsan. Who is your target customer & how are you going to sell to them? This is the question that any business owner can answer with a sales plan. In a nutshell, a sales plan gives you specific daily or weekly goals to reach a main obj
office organization for small business

Office Organization: Why Your Home Office Space Matters

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Staples. I’ve spoken many times about how much I love working from home. Working from home means convenience (no commute!), comfort (I set the temperature!), and bonus productivity (laundry folding in between client sessions!). But if your office
social media to grow your small business

Sponsored Post: Expert Guidance to Using Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Comcast. Social media is a crazy mashup of business, professional, political, religious, positive, negative, valuable, and junk. As a small business owner seeing posts about lunches and celebrities, you might find yourself wondering, as I once did

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